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Edge Beads for Door Installations in Sheetrock


  • A timesaving solution for hardware installations in sheetrock.
    - Save time and energy on install, plastering, painting & cleaning

  • Convenient hinge area framing to eliminate any surface damage or staining to the hardware during the installation process.
    - Remove and reinstall hardware as necessary down the road

  • Perfect finished flush-wall look.
    - Reinforces the sheetrock around the hardware preventing it from crumbling over time

  • Fits various types of hardware and custom designs are available upon request.

  • Get a flawless look, whether it's a residential renovation or a commercial space project. 

Edge Beads for Door Installations in Sheetrock are a simple and effective tool that saves hours of painting and plastering work in the door installation process and allows to create a perfect flush-wall look for modern interior designs.

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